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We focus organizations on their most important results and the building blocks that produce those results. We provide a Framework and a process that allows driven organizations to achieve role model levels of performance. We recognize those who do with Oklahoma's only award for Excellence in performance.

What is Performance Excellence?

There are probably more formal definitions, but for us, it is all about exceptional results achieved by mission-driven, vision-led, strategy-focused organizations through role model leadership and management approaches. Performance Excellence links "Quality" (doing things right) to "Strategy" (doing the right things), and connects "Service" (providing a unique experience) to "Value" (providing a meaningful experience).

It's About Results

But not just any results - those results that are most important to your organization . . . that are at the core of your organization's mission, that reflect the long-term vision you have for your organization, and that are strategically important to deliver on the promises you make to your customers and stakeholders. If yours is a for-profit entity, then those results are likely financial in nature (profitability, sales, market share, ROI); if you are in education, then the results we're talking about are likely to be related to student learning or student success; in health care, perhaps the most important results are related to patient care, safety or healing.

It's About People And Process

The world is made up of "systems" - your body functions through a series of integrated systems, as does your car, your computer, and even nature itself. Exceptional organizational results - sustained over time - happen through a series of integrated systems and processes. But those systems and processes are operated by people - your workforce - and they operated for people - your customers (students, patients, taxpayers, etc). Put great people into poor processes, and you might have success from time to time, but sustained success will be hard to achieve. Put the wrong people into great processes, and the same is true. But when the right people are engaged in the right systems and processes, success - results - seem to follow and stick around for awhile.

It's About Culture.

Great leaders set the direction for their organization, make sure the right strategies are executed, and put the right people and processes in place to achieve success, but more than anything else, the best leaders spend every day working on the culture of the organization. A culture of innovation, a culture of improvement, a culture of service, a culture of relationships . . . what defines that culture can vary greatly from organization to organization, but role model organizations - those who produce exceptional results - have role model cultures.




The Oklahoma Quality Foundation's mission is to be a catalyst for building better organizations across Oklahoma by inspiring role model performance and results.



The only approach to continuous organizational improvement based on a recognized world-class framework for strategic performance-based leadership, within a community of high-performing organizations sharing best practices.



BE: The recognized thought leader for organizational performance improvement in Oklahoma.
DO: Produce 10 national Baldrige Award recipients from 2016 to 2030.
HAVE: More award applicants per capita than any other state Baldrige-based awards program.

What services

do we offer?

The centerpiece of what we do is the Oklahoma Awards for Performance Excellence. Organizations receive the greatest benefit when they put themselves through the rigor of the evaluation that is part of the Awards process. Our OnBoarding process allows an organization to start at any time throughout the year, with a solid foundation for future growth and improvement. But there are other ways to learn how to apply the principles of Performance Excellence in your organization. Hear about best practices at one of our Conferences or training events. Engage one of our Coaches for hands-on application directly with your organization. However you participate, our promise is that you will receive a high-value experience that can have a measurable impact on your organization.

Six Disciplines For Excellence

The ability to plan and execute is fundamental to any great organization. The Six Disciplines for Excellence is an aligned approach with the performance excellence framework and provides the combination of methodology, software, and hands-on coaching to embed disciplined planning and execution as a core competency in your organization. Contact Oklahoma Quality for an overview of the Six Disciplines approach and a customized presentation for your organization.



The hardest part of any transformational effort is sometimes just getting started. We have a variety of resources and services to meet you where you are. OQF offers a unique service to help those organizations interested in participating in the Awards Process to jump start their journey. An experienced OQF Coach works directly with your team providing a high-ROI experience to begin the process with a solid foundation. The OnBoarding option is available at any time during the year. So when you are ready to take the plunge, we are ready to help you be as successful as possible very step of the way!

  1. Oklahoma Performance Excellence Awards
  2. OnBoarding
  3. Examiner Application



Nothing happens at OQF without our community of sponsors, members and volunteers who passionately contribute time, money and resources. As a 501c(3) non-profit organization, we depend on the support of our "Community of Excellence".



Our Champions for Excellence provide financial support to spread the message of Excellence across Oklahoma.



Examiners are the life-blood of our awards process, volunteering countless hours to assessing organizations and providing valuable feedback for improvement. We are so thankful to our Examiners' organizations that allow them to participate and support them financially during the process.

"I am thankful OQF provides a framework for improvement that organizations like ours can utilize."

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Terry May

2006 & 2012 national Baldrige Award Recipient

Rodney Ratcliff

2013 OQF Leadership in Excellence Award Recipient

Lindel Fields

2014 OQF Leadership in Excellence Award Recipient

Matt Pivarnik

2015 OQF Foundation of Excellence Award Recipient

Board Of Directors

The OQF Board of Directors are all thought leaders in their own organizations and are passionate evangelists for Excellence in Oklahoma

Board Chair: Dr. Tammie Strobel

​Mr. Joe Genet

Mr. Jerry Hale

Mr. Chris Hammes

Dr. Karla Marshall

Ms. Bertha Robinson

Mr. Dave Smith

Ms. Robyn Sunday-Allen

Ms. Allison Walden

Mr. Heath Wright



The national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program offers several resources for those organizations just getting started. All of the links below are to the BPEP website.

  1. Learn the Value
  2. New to Baldrige
  3. Self-Assessing
  4. Improvement Tools