Commitment Level Application

The Commitment level application requires the organization to submit responses to the Organizational Profile questions from the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework. We will help you identify priorities as you prepare for the Leadership level application. You will be recognized as a Commitment to Excellence recipient for starting your performance excellence journey at the annual Oklahoma Quest for Excellence Conference.

Application Descriptions Assessment Focus
Organizational Profile Completing the Organizational Profile
No Site Visit Review of Systematic Requirements
Feedback Provided


The Oklahoma Quality Foundation provides workshop opportunities for applicants. These valuable workshops are designed to help interested organizations organize and respond to Excellence Framework questions. You will learn best practices from leaders in the excellence journey arena, helping you maximize your time, and identify potential pitfalls.

Fee Structure

Application Fee: $4500-$6500

Commitment level applicants must register and submit their application by the deadline.


Award Process

You can check out the timeline for this award cycle here. For first time applicants, please contact us and we’ll help get you started!

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