Commitment Level Formatting

For an example of the required format, see the 2019 LifeBridge Organ and Tissue Sharing Case Study

Page Limits

The limits given below include all illustrations, figures, tables, and appendices. Covers, labeled tabs, and divider pages that contain only titles do not count toward the limits. However, if these pages contain additional material, such as process descriptions, quotations, figures, tables, or illustrations, they count toward the total page allotment.

If any section exceeds the page limit, the Baldrige Program will ask your official contact point to identify which pages to remove.

Organizational Profile 5

Page & Text Format

Paper type Standard, 8.5" x 11" white Two-sided printing is strongly recommended. Please ensure that both sides of pages are legible.

Paper Orientation

Text pages Portrait
Pages with graphs, figures, and data tables Portrait or landscape
Lines per page 60 maximum Count headings and blank lines separating paragraphs, but don’t count recurring page headers, such as “Baldrige Award Application, page X.”
Leading 2 points (or the equivalent) between lines 1 point of leading equals 0.0138" (1/72 inches).


Left (bound side) .75" (3/4 inch) minimum
Right 0.5" (1/2 inch) minimum
Text columns 2 (preferred) Leave at least .25" (1/4 inch) between columns.


Figures within the Organizational Profile and item sections In sequence Use numbers corresponding to the section (e.g., Figure P.1-1, Figure P.1-2, Figure 2.1-1, Figure 2.1-2).

Font Type & Size

Running text Times New Roman or Arial, 10 point minimum Don’t use narrow, compressed, or condensed fonts. The font and type size need not be uniform so long as they meet the requirements. Smaller type sizes make it difficult for examiners to interpret the data and to provide accurate and actionable feedback. If you shrink graphics to fit the space available, ensure that text in the reduced figure meets the requirement.
Tables mainly filled with text Times New Roman or Arial, 8 points minimum
Other graphics (charts, graphs, data tables, and other figures), including titles and captions Any font, 8 points minimum


  • See the font and type-size requirements in the table above.
  • Clearly label each figure using descriptive text. For example, the title of the third figure for item 7.1 might read “Figure 7.1-3: Reliability of Service: Carrier-Dropped Calls.”
  • Clearly label all axes and units of measure.
  • For information on using graphics in category 7 (Results), see “Guidelines for Responding to Results Items” in the Baldrige Excellence Framework booklet that’s appropriate for your organization’s sector.

Application Submission

  • Submit your application in PDF format
  • Create one PDF file, not multiple files, containing your application. Select the “embed fonts” option.
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