Results-Driven Framework for Excellence

Harness the most economical assessment available for organizational improvement. Our approach is founded on the internationally renowned criteria for performance excellence. No matter your organization’s size, sector, or industry, we can support you on your improvement journey. This time-tested, results-proven strategy has helped thousands of organizations better understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement, allowing them to fulfill their vision. Affiliated with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Oklahoma’s Quality Award program is led by one of the 2018 National Quality Award winner recipients. The only way an Oklahoma organization can apply for the National Baldrige Award is to receive Oklahoma’s highest recognition, the Leadership in Excellence award.

“I see the Baldrige process as a powerful set of mechanisms for disciplined people engaged in disciplined thought and taking disciplined action to create great organizations that produce exceptional results.”

Jim Collins | Author of Good to Great

How We Will Support You

1) Workshops
We will be with you every step of the way, helping you interpret and apply the internationally recognized performance excellence framework. Workshops will help you prepare your application, plan for site visits, and interpret your feedback report.

2) Site Visits
We will organize a tailored site visit for you. The combination of independent, highly trained examiners and the use of leading-edge criteria make this a unique and impartial process that will uncover strengths and improvement opportunities.

3) Feedback Report
We will deliver a detailed feedback report identifying your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Your feedback report will celebrate your strengths and help you prioritize your next steps.

4) Recognition
We will celebrate your success at the Oklahoma Quality Foundation Celebration and Conference. You will have the opportunity to share your best practices and help others along their performance excellence journey.

Pioneer Level

The Pioneer level requires the organization to complete the five-page Organizational Profile.


Oklahoma State Award Level

The OK State Award level application requires the organization to complete a full fifty-page Baldrige Framework Application.


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