Award Recipients

“At the Tulsa Regional Chamber, we strongly believe in continuous improvement. The process of re-accreditation or applying for an award is an opportunity for introspection and evaluation. We’re humbled to have our efforts celebrated by fellow chambers of commerce, but the real value comes when that self-assessment propels us even further forward.”

Justin McLaughlin | Chamber Executive Vice President and COO

2017 Award Recipients

Achievement in Excellence

board memberAchievement in Excellence

board member

“The Oklahoma Quality Award Criteria – based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence – provides MNTC with a strong business framework model. We use it to align our strategic planning and quality management system to continuously meet our mission: to prepare our students and business clients for success, change lives and build better tomorrows for our customers and community.”

Karla Marshall | MNTC Executive Director of Quality Services

2014 Award Recipients

Leadership in Excellence

board memberFoundation of Excellence

board memberPursuit of Excellence

board memberJourney to Excellence

board member

“The INTEGRIS strategy focuses on excellence in clinical, operational, service and team.” “We are always seeking to take quality to the next level. For us, it’s very much a journey. This is not about winning an award, it’s a process that allows us to look at how much we’ve achieved when compared to Quality criteria in the areas of integration, process management and results. The process itself has a significant impact on the organization and our ability to use the criteria as a global assessment of how we are performing as an organization.”

Susan Dragoo | Vice President/Administrative Director, Quality and Innovation, INTEGRIS Health, 1986-2014

2010 Award Recipients

Leadership in Excellence

board member

“At the City of Tulsa, we are committed to continuous improvement in all we do so that we may better serve our customers, the citizens of Tulsa. The OQF application process was not an easy task, but our employees were up for the challenge and went through it to help improve our organization. The City will continue to strive for excellence and will participate in this process again next year. I am thankful OQF provides a framework for improvement that organizations like ours can utilize.”

G.T. Bynum | City of Tulsa Mayor

Commitment to Excellence

The Commitment to Excellence application requires the organization to complete the five-page Organizational Profile followed by verbal feedback.



Leadership in Excellence

The Leadership in Excellence application requires the organization to complete a full fifty-page Baldrige Framework Application.



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